1/2 priced wings after 3pm
$6 Wild Rose Draughts
1/2 price bottles of Wine!

Where did the name come from?

In Ireland, the World's #1 brewer of Stout is Guinness. The Guinness factory, St. James Gate has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of Ireland. Thousands of tourists flock to St. James Gate to get a look at where the famous Stout is brewed. Guinness to this day is the largest producer of Stout in the world, and arguably the best Stout in the world. We chose the name St. James Corner because the St. James Gate brewery is world renowned for its care and attention to detail, like our architect and carpenters took in building our pub. We want our customers to feel as though they are in an authentic Pub in the middle of Ireland. 

The bar itself consists of 1 giant bar which only the best bar staff will be on hand to make our customers' night an enjoyable one. We have a variety of different seating areas, allowing the customer the ability to relax and have a great conversation in different types of atmosphere. The owners have done a lot of research, and have brought their ideas and findings from all over the world to bring Calgary St. James Corner Restaurant and Irish Pub. In our journeys we have secured many antique pieces, woodwork, and stained glass that have been brought in directly from Ireland to give St. James an Authentic Irish Pub feel. 

The menu has authentic Irish dishes, as well as great salads, steaks, and much more. No matter what the customer orders, the food is brought in fresh, and is prepared on-site with the utmost care so that every meal leaves the customer with complete satisfaction every visit. Along with the great taste of our menu, the large portion sizes will keep the customers coming back for more.

St. James Corner will set the standard for our customers to expect only the best service, ales, spirits, and ingredients in our prepared food. It will start with our outstanding service staff that will be comprehensively trained to better serve the customer. 

Our ales will be kept fresh, with a one of a kind perfect pour draft system, so that each Pint will taste identical and leave the customer satisfied again, and again. All of our staff will be trained on how to pour our perfect pint and will have knowledge of our 18 different draft selections. St. James will also feature our own St. James Lager which is brewed by Sleemans breweries exclusively for St. James. Our back bar consists of a variety of spirits, as well as an extensive Whiskey and Scotch menu. Bar and wait staff will have product knowledge training on the differences, how and what to serve.